Trader Application

Please provide the following information:

I am a casual stallholder:

Casual stalls will be allocated into an empty space each week and are not guaranteed to be the same space each time. You will need to book your stall at least 5 days prior to ensure you will get a space. Please be aware that spaces are limited and spaces may not always be available.

Price is per market day

List up to five of your products including a short description of each and the individual selling price or price per kilo, where applicable

List ways in which your stall will be eco friendly (less plastic), and how your items will be packaged and displayed.

It is in the interest of every member that if they want their business to succeed at a Torba Farmers Market, they must inform their existing customers and follower base about their participation via social media platforms, company website and any other network channels to create awareness. It is not up to Torba Farmers market to advertise your business. However, we will showcase any new or interesting products at the market.
All accepted traders must complete and sign and return Torba Market rules and regulations before participating.